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Trends in Fashion That Will Hit in 2019

IMAGE SOURCE – TimesOfIndia   2018 was a year in which fashion industry got many new inventions that became trends. 2019 just started and many of us are expecting more new interesting things to wear. Things that went in trending in 2018 were velvet pants, tassle trimmings, fanny bags and many more stuff.  ARTICLE SOURCE –…
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How Valuable Maternity Fashion Tips From the World’s Most Stylish Women – Go Through It!!

Hey, loves! Hope everyone is doing good. I’m back again with another post. Presently you’re endeavoring to make sense of how to manage your wardrobe for the following nine months. Obviously, maternity style is anything but a one-estimate fits-all undertaking. There are a lot of approaches to approach it (regardless of whether that implies sourcing a…
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Confused About What to wear in New Year’s eve? Check it out

Hi cherishes! It’s New Year Time so I thought of sharing an outfit with you all to wear in New Year Eve !!! I honestly can’t imagine how it’s December as of now! Gracious how time flies by, you don’t understand it and before you know it, the year is finished… This year, I’ve had the…
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Look What Saif Ali Khan Wore at Filmgyan’s Christmas Party! Check It Here

Image Source : Times Of India On 24th January 2018 a Bollywood Christmas Party held where the “Nawab” of  Bollywood Saif Ali Khan wore the traditional ethnic kurta (red silk kurta and white pyjama).  

Upcoming Fashion in Winters 2018-19 – You Can Choose it according to your Closet!!

Hallo An Alle!! Winters is here, So I thought for this post, I wanted to show you guys the different fashion & Style in Winters – So you can Pluck it!!! Winter is the Coldest Season of the year. I will be focusing on different stuffs using in winters as well, along with fashion &…
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Here’s List of Types of Gowns That are Currently Available in the Market – Keep an Eye on it !!

Hello Everyone! Hope and pray that everyone’s doing good ? I’m back with another post and this time, I  show you guys how you can make a style in Gowns? I’ve always ready towards fashion but it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone, right? A Gown, from the Saxon word, Gunna is a…
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Surprising Right ? A Way to Put- together in Fashion for Women!!!

Hello everyone…. I trust all of you are having a great time. So I needed to impart something extremely unique to all of you. What Lipstick is??  Lipstick is the incomparable profitable weapon in a lady’s make-up Kit. It has the ability to change the appearance and state of mind of the individual wearing it, and,…
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Things you need to know about Fashion in Footwear’s – How We Get Everywhere!!

Hello Everyone, Today’s article is on Footwear …. What you wear – and it always starts with your shoes – determines what kind of character you are. What footwear is for anyone’s life? Footwear is outer coverings for the feet, such as shoes, boots, sandals, Juties, Long Boots etc…. The Meaning of Footwear’s in Fashion.…
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Here’s All the latest trends in Bags – Keep it going with style!!

Hey guys, Today’s post is on Bags…  Bags can make over the whole look in the modern life!! So, here is a complete review how bags can play an essential role in the life of modern women? I hope this is useful for you All!! Women bags are considered as a fashion statement that can either break or make style. If…
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Get the best of Fashion in your Life!!! Fashion Trends 2018-19

Hello everyone…. in this content me describe you that in Today’s the best fashion in your life!!!!!! Fashion create and modify our life colorful with the time or according to the time. It makes me feel good whenever I follow the fashion and trends. So, Fashion is not a new thing in the world as it is found every where… Get the latest…
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